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Custom Websites in Melbourne

A Website as Unique as You

A website can connect your business with the right clients – the ones you feel you are meant to serve.

I'm based in Melbourne and build counselling websites, massage websites, and websites for anyone with a care-centric business.
Tee up a 30 minute video call with me to discuss how I can help and whether I'm a good fit

Why A Website?

A website gives credibility to your practice or small business, it's an online banner proclaiming, "I am here! I can help you and here's how to get started!"

The old paper Yellow Pages is pretty much extinct now. People expect to be able to find you on Google, visit your website from their computer or their phone, and to easily contact you from there.

Whether you need massage websites, counselling websites or websites for your micro business, I can help you.

A Web Developer local to Melbourne

Yes I'm a real person, here in Bundoora Melbourne! We can meet face to face to talk about what you need and how to get it done. The best communication is one-on-one and it takes good communication to merge tech skills with really understanding where you're coming from and what you want in a website.

All The Tech

I use RapidWeaver and/or WordPress to build a site that matches your needs. These offer re-usable components for common tasks, and also enough customisability that I can apply my developer-skills to customise any components that aren't quite right "off the shelf".

Yes I can make custom WordPress plugins.

Counselling Websites

I can build sites that fit the feel of your practice. Potential clients will see their issues reflected back to them. You'll provide enough helpful information for clients to get started with clarifying their issues, and importantly to feel they've engaged with you right away so clicking that "book an appointment" button is as easy for them as possible.

Massage Websites

What are people looking for when they find a massage website? Your qualifications and experience are expected to be there somewhere, but that's just "making sure" stuff once they found your site already. What they're searching for is often a description of their own pains and aches, or the kind of massage they think they might need.

They hope to see solutions – how to fix their pain, advice on whether a massage type is going to help them. Finally a "call to action", an easy booking button to seal the deal.

Past Work: Naturally U

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The Naturally U Body & Soul website about Remedial Massage in Richmond and much more.

Past Work: Sally Goldner

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I resumed Sally Goldner's website from another developer, provided several improvements including responsive design and helped complete the site content.

Past Work: Purple Healing Counselling Services

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Purple Healing Counselling Services needed a stark Purple theme with a "who/what/where/when" narrative oriented menu.

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