Accessible Websites and Apps

Accessible technologies expand your reach further. Blind and deaf inclusion benefits the whole community.

Get in touch to ask about what you need and see if I'm a good fit.

Accessible Websites and Apps

I believe in making apps and websites that follow the ARIA guidelines for accessibility, and can neatly interact with screen reading, font enlargement, closed captioning and other technologies.

Hard of Hearing

I'm hard of hearing (aka lower-case deaf) myself so I have a few dos and don'ts to help with communication with me.


  • Try to be conscious of your own communication style, you have strengths and weaknesses too and if we can discuss them we can find a way that works best for us both.
  • Try to minimise background noise and have only one person speaking at a time. This is the biggest thing.
  • Use text and writing where possible, especially for points I need to remember – listening AND remembering is difficult.
  • Face me so I can see your body language and lips.
  • Be patient if I need you to repeat something.


  • Don't ring me without video. My phone is set not to accept these calls.
  • Don't just repeat the end of a sentence, it's often the start I missed.
  • Don't give up, I promise I'm worth communicating with.