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Ionic / Cordova Apps

Cross Platform Apps for Maximum Reach

Leveraging each platform's support for HTML5, Cordova reaches Apple's iOS platform, Android, Windows Phone and more. Design once and deploy globally.

What is Cordova / PhoneGap

Just to annoy us, Cordova has several names. Depending who's decorated and packaged it for you, it might be called PhoneGap, Callback, Ionic, Monaco, TACO, Intel XDK or Telerik.

These all mean Cordova.

Each mobile platform (iOS, Android etc) has its own set of languages and tools for building apps, so making a cross platform app would usually involve making a separate app from scratch for each platform.

Cordova lets us build apps in the way websites are built: using HTML, CSS and Javascript. All platforms aim to support websites well, so we can use this common language instead of native tools, giving us a shared language that lets us make the app once, for all platforms.

Your Melbourne Cordova Developer

I've been building cross-platform apps with Cordova since 2014 and focus on reliable, easy-to-use apps. I communicate every step with my clients and provide regular demos so they can see how the app is progressing.

I believe meeting face-to-face is the best way to communicate, and that communication is key to building exactly the app you want.

Past Work: Privacy Check

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Privacy Check allowed users to scan their social media accounts and those of their family to see how much is available to the public. The scan was independent of the social media companies, so it could spot not just whether information was "set to private" but whether that setting really worked (sometimes it didn't!)

Stay in Touch

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