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Ionic App Development

Cross Platform Apps for Maximum Reach

Ionic lets you design once and deploy across iOS, Android and more.
Tee up a 30 minute video call with me to discuss how I can help and whether I'm a good fit

Ionic? Cordova? PhoneGap?

Several names but one technology: fast, flexible mobile apps using web technologies as a common language between devices.

I'm across several variations of this toolchain, and can discuss pros and cons of different setups or just pick the best variation for you.

Melbourne Ionic Developer

I'm Sarah, a tech freelancer based in Melbourne Australia.

I offer a range of tech services to care-oriented and small businesses such as wellbeing clinics, safety training businesses, counsellors and more.

One of my main skills is Ionic apps, which can help your business interact with more people directly.

Past Work: Privacy Check

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Privacy Check allowed users to scan their social media accounts and those of their family to see how much is available to the public. The scan was independent of the social media companies, so it could spot not just whether information was "set to private" but whether that setting really worked (sometimes it didn't!)

Past Work: Exerbeats

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Exerbeats plays music to match your exercise workout. Choose a tempo and it'll filter to songs that are a similar speed, then tweak the playback to exactly match the tempo you've chosen!

My resume is on LinkedIn: