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App Rescue

Debug, Maintain and Understand Your App

App Rescue is for those who have lost control of their iOS or PhoneGap app project.

This service begins with experienced code rescue, bringing your code back to something we can work with. The service extends to education if you'd like it, where I help hand over the reins so that you can build your own app and make minor changes yourself.
Tee up a 30 minute video call with me to discuss how I can help and whether I'm a good fit

Did You:

  • Accept that surprisingly low bid, perhaps offshore, and now regret it?
  • Have your developer move on?
  • Just want to be more in control of their own code
  • Have major communication difficulties with your current developer?

I'll take the code that your developer left you with and help you get back in control.

Just Fix It!

Perhaps you need me to "just make it go" as quickly as possible before worrying about code quality or your level of comfort with the source code. I've got you covered. I can debug iPhone and PhoneGap apps and set your app right in no time :)


I can untangle spaghetti code and usually reduce the size of bad code down to about 20-40% of its original size, just by being organised and experienced. I can leave you with code where the names used make sense, functions do what they say, and I can even create documentation for you.


Can you compile your own code? Never mind complex changes, do you know how to just fix a spelling mistake in your app and re-publish to the app store? Would you like to be able to?

I'll get you up to speed so you're confident with the basics.

Past Work: 32 Things To Do

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32 Things To Do is a travel app that gives you the right blend of "must-do", local and iconic things to do, in your pocket. Each thing to do will be US $10 or less and a lot is free.

The original NZ developer of 32 Things was fine, however being local to Melbourne and a good educator I was able to bring Clare up to speed on how to edit and publish variations on her app.
My resume is on LinkedIn: