Heartfelt Tech

Websites and Apps for the care industry

Tee up a free 30 minute video call with me to discuss your needs

I make fully custom websites for counselling, psychology, massage, wellness and other care related businesses, to help maximise the number of clients you're able to reach.

My clients are delighted by the visual æsthetic, the zen like simplicity and clear messaging of the websites I build for them.

If your old site doesn't work well on mobile phones, you'll love that all my sites are responsive, i.e., they work as well on phones as they do on the desktop.

You plan what the app should do and how to market it. I'll take care of the coding and improving UI interactions. Let's see your app come to life!

Past clients have built exercise, privacy and childcare apps with me.

Some have come to me with a broken app to fix. Others with only an idea they were keen to try.

What might we build together?

Hello! My name is Sarah. You're looking for an individual, caring feel for your site or app rather than a stale off-the-shelf corporate look. I can help.

Allow someone to look after you for a change. My tech skillset means I can create exactly the right thing — unique and well thought out — to connect with the people you're here on this planet to serve.

I happen to be hard of hearing but I'm fine with video calls where I can see you, or text. I'm also very aware of accessibility and how to make sure everyone can use your website or app.

Megan Walker
If you’ve got a software idea and you’re not sure it can be done – Sarah George will find a way!

Megan Walker — Business Development Consultant

Sally Goldner
I can only recommend Sarah too highly: her technical skills, networks, interpersonal and communication skills made getting it done easy and a pleasure.

Sally Goldner — Diversity Trainer

Clare Christie
[Sarah] has an amazing ability to explain complex issues in simple terms and she is a great teacher.

Clare Christie — Managing Director at 32 Things To Do

Clare Christie
Sarah's work on my project was nothing short of commendable. She took a sparsely outlined specification, and delivered a working app, with the least amount of hassle. Sarah is an effective communicator and a pleasure to work with.

Ashwin Dixit — Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur